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Health Care Guidelines

Please download the following article -- Health Supervision for Children with Down Syndrome, published in Pediatrics (Vol. 128, No. 2, August 1, 2011. pp. 393 -406).

To view a breakdown of the article by age group, please download the following:

Neonatal - Birth to 1 Month
Infant - 1 Month to 12 Months
Ages 1 to 5 Years
Ages 5 to 13 Years
Ages 13 to 21 Years
Adulthood (Based on the 1999 Down Syndrome Health Care Guidelines)

Growth and Development

Download Down Syndrome Growth and Development Charts

Developmental Scale for Children with Down Syndrome

Download Developmental Scale for Children with Down Syndrome


Download Down Syndrome Breastfeeding

Bottle feeding

Download Down Syndrome Bottle Feeding

Family Resources

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Creating A Plan

Download Footprints for the Future Manual

Planning Resources

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Prenatal Pamphlet

Download Prenatal Pamphlet (English)
Download Prenatal Pamphlet (Spanish)
Prenatal Down Syndrome Booklet is now Digital~ Healthcare providers can request one from for FREE!

Sleep Issues

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To enhance the quality of life for all people whose lives are touched by Down syndrome.


We envision a community that demonstrates acceptance, inclusion and appreciation for those who have Down syndrome.