Many families wonder how having a child with Down syndrome will affect their family... and one way to answer this question is by speaking directly with family members of individuals with Down syndrome. There are also books, articles and videos shared by families about their personal experiences. We often hear messages from many families that the positive impacts of having a member with Down syndrome greatly out weigh the challenges and difficulties they may encounter.  There will be challenges, but there is also joy and so much love.

Families play an important role in the life of an individual touched by Down syndrome- they are the educator, supporter, guardian, advocate, and friend. Let DSACC help you find the resources you need to make your family a strong, educated and supportive unit.

DSACC offers programs to help plan for the future, acquire a conservatorship, financial planning for your loved one, and other great workshops. To find out more abut upcoming workshops and programs be sure to check out the Program tab of the website

Family dynamics are as unique as snowflakes but DSACC is here to support and encourage the individual with Down syndrome, mom & dad, brothers, sisters, and let's not forget grandma, grandpa, aunties and uncles too!

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Contact DSACC staff with specific questions or for more local resources. (559) 228-0411


To enhance the quality of life for all people whose lives are touched by Down syndrome.


We envision a community that demonstrates acceptance, inclusion and appreciation for those who have Down syndrome.