Receiving the diagnosis that your baby has Down syndrome is not easy for anyone to face and you may be experiencing a flood of emotions. But we want to congratulate you on the new bundle of joy you are expecting! You may not believe us now, but your baby is first and foremost a baby- Down syndrome is just a little extra sprinkle of sparkle.  There will be joy and challenges just like any other life and we are here to share those with you.

Conner Domingos

While everyone handles the diagnosis in their own way, there are certain reactions that are common in new or expectant parents of a child with a disability.

Immediately following the diagnosis, for a majority of parents, will be filled with uncertainty and doubt… how will the condition impact your child’s life? Am I equipped to handle all the responsibilities and challenges of raising a child with a disability? If your child has health complications, you may have additional fears and concerns. It is natural to experience anger, denial, depression and other stages of grief as you adjust to the news.

What you are feeling is normal. More importantly, know that you are not alone. With time and support the intensity of the emotions will subside and new positive emotions will begin to take their place.

DSACC is here to help you on your journey of raising this child and can connect you to the most valuable resource of all, parents and families who have started on this journey before you.

Prenatal Pamphlet

Download Prenatal Pamphlet (English)
Download Prenatal Pamphlet (Spanish)

Prenatal Down Syndrome Booklet is now Digital~ Healthcare providers can request one from for FREE!

Another great resource online is the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network

New Parent Booklets

These booklets of information are distributed free of charge to hospitals, medical offices and the agencies serving the intellectual disabilities community in our six county service area. We are also happy to provide the booklet to members of the public upon request.  They contain accurate and up to date information about resources in our community for families who are expecting or have just had a new baby with Down syndrome.  They also include a referral form for the healthcare provider to complete and return to our office when a pack is distributed.  This information is available in English and Spanish.

For more information, please call the office at (559) 228-0411 or send us an e-mail at

First Visit Gift

Every new baby with Down syndrome who visits our office with a parent, family member or guardian is presented with a beautiful hand crocheted baby blanket created by one of our dedicated volunteers.  In addition, they are provided with two books, Babies with Down Syndrome and Gifts.  The gift bag also includes a beginner sign language book and a binder designed to help organize healthcare information for the new baby. These gifts are available in English and Spanish.

For more information, please call the office at (559) 228-0411 or send us an e-mail at