I'm not crying- you're crying!  It was so absolutely wonderful to see everyone's posts and texts of them Stepping up this year!  In a year where everything seems to be a challenge, YOU made our virtual Step Up a HUGE success.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I want to take a moment to thank our sponsors. In a year where there is so much financial and emotional struggle, they stepped up, continuing to believe in our mission to enhance the quality of life for all people whose lives are touched by Down syndrome. Let’s give them a big round of applause and send them loads of virtual hugs!

2020 Super sponsors: Lithia Hyundai of Fresno, Genesis of Fresno, Lithia Nissan of Fresno
2020 5K Sponsor: Valley Children's Hospital
2020 Magic Makers: Kiwanis Club of East Fresno, Purewal Dentistry, J. Quisad in Memory of Mel, In Loving Memory of Paris White & Pattie Gamino
The Todd Family
2020 Step Up Partners: Tachi Palace Casino & Resort, Backstory Creative
2020 Step Up Supporters: Clovis Rodeo Association, Loretta's LIttle Miracles, Tally Timing, Valley Type & Design, Paul & Denise Bealessio, L. Belezzuoli , Cardoza Family , Hyrum & Mike, K. Inam, Quinn & Kennedy O’Keefe , Grandpa Jesse & Friends, De Alba Family, Jason Starr, Team CRS , Richmond Elks Lodge

Let’s also give a big round of applause to the Board of Directors & our new administrative assistant, Ruth Reyes, who stepped in to make sure everything was prepped and ready for pick up dates, signage put out, and every tiny detail done. Such an incredible group! Thank you- Mike Bowman, Paul Carter, Danielle Belliston, DeAndra Inman, Renee Gustuson, Rosemary & Adrian Jilote Erin Bell, Victoria D’Ambrosi, Ruth Soderlund, and Donna Marie Ferrer.

Congratulations to our award winners and every person and team that registered- we had over 450 participants (which is not bad for a virtual event!) and raised over $60,000 between on and offline donations! Just so you know- if only 450 of you were able to raise $60,000- I have HIGH expectations for next year when we all get together again and have 1,000 participants!

This was one of our tightest competitions to date, lots of back and forth amongst our top 5 teams in all categories! Great job everyone! Please note- winners were decided on amounts as of October 5, 2020

2020 Largest Team Rankings

#1 Team Super Wy (30 teammates!)
#2 Team Brianna (29 teammates!)
#3 Team Gemma (20 teammates!)
#4 Sebastian’s Soldiers
#5 Everett the Lion
#6 Ellie’s Enchanting Team
#7 Kingsley’s Corner
#8 Team Ezra Coretez-Chavez
#9 Team JP
#10 In Loving Memory of Patty Gamino (sending lots of love to this team who gained angel this past May, Pattie is forever in our hearts)

2020 Biggest Fundraiser Rankings

#1 Team Gemma- raising over $3,300!
#2 Super Wy- raising $3,045
#3 Team Ava- raising $2,900
#4 Team CRS (all the way from Tennessee!)- raising $2,805
#5 Kingsley’s Corner- raising $2,626
#6 Reston’s Wild Ones- raising $2,447
#7 Sebastian’s Soldiers- raising $1,502
#8 Evis “El Rey” Jilote- raising $1,320
#9 Team Levi- raising $1,020
#10 Glo with the Flo- raising $1,000

2020 Best Spirit:
Sebastian's Soldiers and congratulations to all the teams that participated this year- so many incredible teams!
Congratulations to DSACC’s 2020 Educator of the Year- Jaime Maxey, and 2020 Service Provider of the Year- Sarah Brock!

In case you missed our virtual celebration, you can watch it any time at A giant thank you to the guys at Backstory Creative who helped us with our video celebration and saved the day by hosting our video feed on their YouTube channel when we had technical difficulties on our own.  They saved the day for sure!

If you haven't shared your photos of how you celebrated, please email them to so that we can put them in our newsletter and share on social media.

If you have anyone who has a late donation, fear not. The Step Up site will be open for donations through the end of the month, or you can mail them to DSACC at 1491 W Shaw Avenue Fresno, CA 93711.

Again, thank you so much for your support and participation, it means the world to us to be able to continue providing resources, support and connections in the community for families touched by Down syndrome. None of which would be possible without your participation in Step Up.  Be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s walk, Saturday, October 16, 2020!

Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors!

2020 Super Sponsors:

2020 5K Sponsor

Step Up Magic Makers

J Quistad In Memory of Mel

The Todd Family

Step Up Partner

Step Up Supporters

Backstory Creative
In Loving Memory of Paris White
Loretta’s Little Miracles
Valley Type & Design
Tally Timing
M & M Screenprinting
Paul & Denise Bealessio
L. Belezzuoli
Cardoza Family
Hyrum & Mike
K. Inam
Quinn & Kennedy O’Keefe
Grandpa Jesse & Friends
De Alba Family
Jason Starr
Team CRS
Richmond Elks Lodge